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AI Agent for
Intelligent Data Automation

Lutra's AI Agent automates manual data tasks across your apps and the Internet, transforming any data source into structured formats — no engineering required.

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Effortless workflow with natural language

With Lutra's intuitive natural language interface, your team can easily automate complex processes using simple English instructions — no coding expertise required.

AI-driven data extraction and enrichment

Lutra's AI extracts, categorizes, and enriches data from diverse sources, including the internet, PDFs, and spreadsheets. With simple language commands, you can define your data structure for efficient extraction and classification.

Quick deployment without engineering resources

Lutra comes pre-integrated with popular tools like Airtable, Slack, Google Workspace, Outlook, and HubSpot. Lutra's autonomous workflow orchestration allows you to deploy new automations in minutes, not months.

Why Lutra?

At Lutra, we care about making AI easy to use so that everyone can benefit from it, while also being reliable out of the box.

SecureLutra is in the process of being SOC2 certified. We have designed our agent to cleanly separate logic and data processing, which makes it robust to prompt injection.
ReliableWorkflows built by Lutra are represented as code. After they are built, they perform consistently and predictably. They stay on task and do not exhibit "looping" behavior observed in other AI agents.
Ease of UseInstructions and feedback to Lutra are in English! No coding is required.
If something does not work right, you can just tell Lutra what the problem is, and it will try to fix it.

I was blown away, as my Zapier-based brain tried to catch up with the speed and ease of building a workflow with Lutra 😆.

I told Lutra in natural language what kind of info to retrieve from internet search, and where specifically in a Google Sheet to put them - url, title, author, summary, etc. - and it just WORKED.

Andrew Yang

Lutra summarizes questions that I care about from the web and sends me regular emails (like a hyper-intelligent Google Alert). This helps me automate 1-2 hours of work I used to have to do by hand each week, and works even for sites that don't have APIs or email notification systems (and is much better than non-options like Selenium). It helps me be more creative and more connected to the world, but still maintain experimental rigor for investment, ML research and writing.

Chris Lengerich

As a patent attorney deeply immersed in the tech landscape, I have been very impressed by Lutra AI's innovative approach to integrating AI into everyday workflows, such as news aggregation and research synthesis. Their seamless fusion with third-party applications like Google Workspaces and Slack not only enhances productivity but also maintains a high standard of security. The strategic use of code-first execution alongside specialized large language models ensures that sensitive data is handled with the utmost care, providing a trustworthy and efficient AI experience.

Jose Nunez

Popular Integrations

Lutra is constantly growing its integrations.
These are some of the most popular integrations we support.

Icon for Airtable
Manage Airtable website URLs by parsing IDs, creating, listing, and updating records.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of workflows can Lutra automate?

Our platform supports Airtable, Slack, Google Workspace (Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Drive, Calendars), data processing (extracting information, classification, or drafting documents) and Internet research.

For example, you could ask it to extract information across a folder of PDF files in Google Drive, and then make a Google spreadsheet out of the data extracted. Lutra figures out how to use AI to perform the appropriate data extraction for you.

What if I want to automate something that's not integrated?

We are working on more integrations and would love to learn more, please reach out to us at hello@lutra.ai and we'll be in touch!

Is Lutra SOC-2 compliant?

We are in progress towards SOC-2 compliance. We take security and privacy very seriously, and we are committed to protecting your data.

What does Lutra mean?

Lutra is a genus of otters 🦦, and otters are unique for being the only marine mammal to use tools. We aim to provide foundation models with tools so that they can do more for us. Apart from being cute, otters also hold hands: our platform is analogous in how we hope to enable users to easily connect multiple applications together.