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Plans and Pricing


Starter (Beta)

Beta access to the platform, invite code required.

Requires invite code to activate account

Create and run workflows

Save workflows

Connect with Google apps

Limited number of workflows and runs

Workflow descriptions not used for training models (during beta)



For indivduals who want to maximize their productivity.

More workflows and runs

API access

Custom Integrations

Workflow descriptions not used for training models



For teams collaborating together.

All Pro

Shared workspaces

Shared app connections

Controls & Permissions


Frequently asked questions

Do you train models on my data?

We will not use any data collected in the beta for training.

When pricing is available, Pro-tier users are opted-out of data for training by default, but can opt-in.

We plan to only use the workflow descriptions (prompts) and their associated generated content for model training. We do not train on any data that is processed as part of running the workflows. This process helps us improve our models that do planning and reasoning.

When will pricing be available?

Pricing will be available soon. If you would like to be part of our early adopter group, please reach out at hello@lutra.ai .

When happens after beta?

When pricing is released, beta users will be able to choose the tier that best fits their needs.

What if I want to automate something that's not integrated?

We'd love to learn more, please reach out to us at hello@lutra.ai and we'll be in touch!