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Plans and Pricing

Lutra is more than a workflow automation system; it's an AI agent designed to construct automations on your behalf, allowing you to streamline and accelerate your processes. It constructs automations in minutes through just conversation, fixing issues on its own, enabling non-technical users to automate their work.
What are actions and credits?
Lutra works for you by performing actions, such as reading emails or getting webpages.Actions are similar to Zapier tasks or Make.com operations, and count towards your subscription's action limit.Some actions use AI tools or access live public data, and these actions consume credits.
More about actions and credits
All actions count towards your subscription's action limit, and some actions consume your subscription's credits:
Most actions
  • Google
  • Slack
  • Airtable
  • GitHub
  • Get RSS feeds
  • Call webhooks of other services
  • Receive results by e-mail
  • More...
Web content
  • Get website
  • Search the web
  • Search for news
People & company data
  • Search for a person
  • Search for a company
  • Get person profile
  • Get company profile
5 - 25
Stock market data
  • Get stock quotes
  • Get fund/institution ownership
  • Get analyst upgrades/downgrades
  • Get calendar events for public companies
  • Resolve ticker symbol of a company
  • Generate text
  • Classify documents
  • Analyze data
  • Extract structured data from documents
Some actions may be cached, in which case they will not count towards your subscription's action or credit limits. Starting a workflow consumes 1 action.
An example
Let's walk through an example of how credits are spent in a workflow run. Consider the following workflow:
Summarize a person’s LinkedIn Profile and the latest news related to their company, and email the report to me.
Running this workflow performs the following actions:
start the workflow1 action0 credits
get a LinkedIn profile1 action10 credits
search for news about the company1 action2 credits
get the top 3 articles from the search results3 actions3 credits
summarize each of the 3 articles from the search results3 actionsabout 6 credits
send an email to me1 action0 credits
A run of this workflow consumes 10 actions and about 21 credits. Different actions cost different amounts based on how much it costs Lutra to perform them. Also notice that the credits spent for summarization are approximate. Summarization is done by an AI, and the AI cost depends on the size of inputs and outputs, which in this case depends on the length of the articles to summarize.In general, the cost in credits increases along with the complexity of the workflow run, particularly when AI is involved.
Can I buy additional actions and credits?
On paid plans, you can buy additional actions and credits:
10,000 actions$15$10
1,000 credits$15$10
Charges are proportional to your actual additional use. You will not be charged for additional use unless you opt in to additional use, and you can set a maximum when you opt in.

Frequently asked questions

Do you train models on my data?

For users on paid plans (Essential, Professional, Enterprise), we do not use any data for model training unless you explicitly opt in.

For users on our free plan, we may use chat prompts and their associated generated plans and code to enhance our services. This practice helps us improve our models' planning and reasoning capabilities.

We do not train on any data processed during workflow runs for all users, recognizing that you may handle private and sensitive information. We are committed to protecting your data.

Do you store any of my data?

Lutra processes data during workflows executions and does retain any data long-term after the process is complete. For example, Lutra might read from a Google spreadsheet, process the data, and then save the processed outputs back to Google Drive.

Lutra creates temporary logs to help users debug and analyze issues. These logs are retained for only 30 days. Enterprise customers may opt for custom retention policies.

What if I want to automate something that's not integrated?

We'd love to learn more, please reach out to us at hello@lutra.ai and we'll be in touch!