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About Us

Lutra is an AI agent that generates and runs workflows for you. Lutra transforms your English instructions into code, orchestrating apps to efficiently complete tasks for you. Lutra first converses with you to understand your goals, and then writes code to produce AI workflows. These AI workflows are specialized, reliable, and secure agents that help you with all kinds of tasks.Because these workflows are based in code, Lutra is able to securely and reliably execute them, ensuring that your data is always protected. They can also run on a schedule - let the AI work while you sleep.At Lutra, we believe everyone would benefit from a personal developer that can code for them. We believe software should not be confined to one-size-fits-all applications. Picture a world where your AI Developer can adjust any workflows to your specific needs and evolve it with your preferences.

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Lutra is founded by a veteran team with deep technical experiences from Google, Coursera, GRAIL, and Brilliant Home.

Jiquan Ngiam

Vijay Vasudevan

Bozhi See

Joshua Newman

Jerry Charumilind

Marc Rasi


Lutra is supported by Coatue Management, Hustle Fund, Maven Ventures, and WVV Capital, together with a select group of Angel Investors that include Andrej Karpathy, Jeff Dean, Scott Belsky, Tom Willerer, Brian Shultz, and more executives.