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How to use AI to organize your emails.

Bo SeePublished Dec 21, 2023

Managing a large inbox usually requires good strategies or tools, such as the getting things done framework or tools that are able to help label emails. It turns out that most existing approaches involve using traditional rule-based filters or virtual assistants. However, these solutions are often brittle or expensive – especially when it comes to hiring virtual assistants!ChatGPT has shown us that it is possible for AI to be able to read and understand documents. In this blog post, we will show you how to get AI to process our emails and categorize them for us.Easily label emails using AILutra, your personal app developer, is able to create apps that integrate email and AI models. With Lutra, you can simply let it know your email organization goals and it will automatically generate a personal app that will help with email organization.We have built an email labeling app with Lutra that demonstrates how it can easily connect to your Gmail and uses AI to label your emails according to your preferences.The email labeling app will search your inbox for recently unread emails, and then use an AI model (such as GPT from OpenAI) to determine which label to apply to that email. You can choose the labels you wish to use, and the criteria for when each label applies.
Email Label and Reasoning
Customize the app to your needsYou may want to occasionally update the behavior of the app; for example, you may also want the app to email you all the unsubscribe links found in marketing emails. You can do this by simply updating the underlying English task description for the app.
Configure Gmail to use your custom priority labelsOnce your emails are labeled, you can now configure Gmail to display your emails based on the labels. To do so, enable "Multiple inboxes" in Gmail by following the instructions here or by following the video here:
We understand that email is a sensitive source of data. We are committed to protecting your data – we use industry-leading security standards to keep your data safe. We use the latest models from OpenAI and Antrophic to perform the categorization of emails; they have assured us that the data processed will not be used for training purposes.Excited to use AI to label your emails? Try it out today!