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Introducing Lutra.

Team LutraPublished Dec 7, 2023

We are excited to introduce Lutra, a platform for creating your personal AI workflows and apps. Lutra makes it easy to deeply leverage AI in our work and lives, so that we can now spend more time on the things that truly matter.
Lutra enables anyone to easily build AI workflows that integrate with their existing tools to automate repetitive tasks. These workflows act as specialized AI assistants that help you with all kinds of tasks: from managing incoming emails, to performing financial research, and even extracting data from PDFs to push into reporting systems.
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People InsightsCollect public information about a person and the company they work for, so that you can be ready when you meet them.

Example workflows on Lutra that you will have access to when you join the platform.

From natural language to codeWe take a code-first approach with Lutra. AI models can produce software code, but running that code requires a production-ready environment that is connected to your data with good security, reliability, and integrations.Lutra's platform is designed just for that: an execution environment where AI-generated code can safely interact with your data. A code-first approach allows us to build on the best practices from software engineering for security (credentials & authentication), maintenance (code versioning), governance (permissions & logs), testing, and speed.
The hottest new programming language is English - Tweet by Andrej Karpathy
We use natural language to convey our goals to Lutra in an intuitive manner. Lutra first converses with you to understand your goals, and then generates code to produce AI workflows. You have full visibility over every action that the code takes. Using Lutra is just like programming in English!Lutra's goal is to enable powerful use cases, while keeping the experience simple. This is a leap from the last generation of visual programming, low/no-code tools, which were either limited to simple step-wise automations, or powerful but difficult to use.Get StartedToday, Lutra understands how to work with the Google Workspace suite, and has tools for performing internet research, and more. Lutra even understands how to leverage the latest AI models to perform tasks like summarization, data extraction, and classification! By leveraging these models, Lutra can produce simple yet powerful AI workflows.We are thankful for the support from Coatue Management, Hustle Fund, Maven Ventures, and WVV Capital, together with a select group of Angel Investors that include Andrej Karpathy, Jeff Dean, Scott Belsky, Tom Willerer, Brian Shultz, and other executives.At Lutra, we believe everyone would benefit from a personal developer that can code for them. This leads us to a world in which software is no longer confined to one-size-fits-all applications. Picture a world where your AI Developer can adjust any Lutra workflows to your specific needs and evolve it with your preferences.You can join our Slack Community to discuss AI use cases, and follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates.